Michael Vick, The Hero

This dog had no idea what awaited him

In Norfolk, Virginia, Michael Vick will be honored as a hero by the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association. Surprising? Not really. SEVAA is the same organization that throws the Afr’am Festival, which, as you guessed, is a festival highlighting and celebrating African-Americans, past and present. So who else is more deserving of this year’s Hero Award than the pride of the African-American community, Philly Eagles’ own Afr’am quarterback, Michael Vick? Sure, Vick killed and mutilated scores of dogs for his own amusement and profit, but should that stop him from being recognized for the hero that he is? In fact, it’s those actions that even make him a hero.

Michael Vick is being honored as a hero next month at a black tie event for his “resilience in overcoming obstacles” and becoming “a true example of life success for all to emulate,” according to event organizers.

Yes, you read that right. Resilience in overcoming obstacles. And the obstacles that he overcame were self inflicted, namely his own blatant stupidity and immorality. In this day and age, that’s not only something to be applauded, but worthy of being honored for. So how would someone emulate Vick’s success? Simply throw your life and career away by doing something moronic and illegal, then make a comeback. That’s it. That’s all it takes to be a hero nowadays.

And Hell, Vick isn’t the only saintly man to ever commit a crime.

“The term ‘hero’ is subjective,” said Michael Muhammad who heads Southeastern Virginia Arts Association in Norfolk which is hosting the black tie gala at the Half Moon Cruise and Celebration Center. “People talk about Michael Vick as a convicted felon, well so was Jesus Christ yet he was able to do things above and beyond the naysayers to the point that we all recognize him today as Lord and Savior.”

Jesus Christ! Yes, Vick is now being compared to the savior of mankind. I’m no Bible scholar but I don’t remember ever reading about Jesus running an illegal dog fighting ring. Then again, Jesus wasn’t an NFL quarterback either. So I guess they come out even in the end.

The article makes a point about who gets to be honored as a hero. What about all the military servicemen that fought and bled for this country, many of which reside in Norfolk? They might be a little pissed that this NFL star is getting lavished with praise at a black tie gala while they’re going through rehabilitation to learn to walk again. The event organizer, Mr. Muhammad addresses that:

Muhammad responded, “And there is so much honor given to them and honor is due them, but we also feel that the little man that doesn’t get the opportunity to be honored, deserves to be honored and Michael Vick is one of those.”

This story is warming my heart here. Yes, Vick is just an average Joe, not afforded the honor that those wounded soldiers get. It’s about time that a guy like him gets awarded for his noble actions of serving prison time and then becoming a quarterback in the NFL. Sure, there’s plenty of other NFL players out there. Some of them have even done great things for others. But they never strangled and mutilated dogs. That’s why they’re not heroes like Michael Vick.


16 thoughts on “Michael Vick, The Hero

  1. This phenomena with Vick never seems to amaze me. Every ghetto preacher and politician in the country is seeking to elevate him to sainthood and hold him up as a shining example of character for black youth to emulate.

    Ask these same people why they don’t teach black “youts” about Guy Bluford or Carl Brashear and they’ll have a dumbfounded look. Hell, if you want to trumpet a black athlete you can pick Edwin Moses, at least… but he was corny, spoke clear English and doesn’t have braids or a hip-hop edge.

    I’m also guessing that Vick will be broke within 3 years of leaving the NFL, after his creditors, entourage and baby mommas get a hold of his money. He can spend as much as $200,000 in a day and have nothing to show for it:


  2. Cam,

    But that’s one of the reasons that Vick is so lauded. He’s the big man, throwing his cash around like an African king. I’m surprised that he doesn’t hire a crew of White guys to carry him around on a throne. Imagine how much he’d be loved then.

  3. There are plenty of things that embarrass me as a white person. And if I were black I’d cringe at things like this, too. But the worst part of it is that it’s the so-called leadership promoting this. A few weeks ago a city councilman even gave him the key to the city in Houston. I couldn’t believe it. It just seems like the more corrupt and thuggish a black athlete, musician, preacher or politician is the more they support him. I first noticed this with Marion Berry. They just couldn’t wait for the sob to get out of prison for smoking crack with prostitutes so they could elect him again. That is a problem. That as much as anything is why blacks will never amount to anything. There will always be corruption. But at some point and at some level there just has to be some integrity. Society can’t function without it.

  4. Fred said

    That as much as anything is why blacks will never amount to anything.

    You know, as much as I tend to make broad generalizations about Blacks, I still think that’s a bit harsh. While Blacks may never reach the level of European or northeast Asian nations, they can definitely amount to something. Maybe at least on par or somewhat close to central American nations.

    Here’s a vid of Lagos, Nigeria. It may look rundown to your eyes, but it is a civilization. And watch to the end to see the capital, Abuja. That place actually looks like a decent city.

  5. I’m not talking about Africans. And I’m not comparing accomplishments. It has nothing to do with technology or standard of living. I’m simply talking about a culture that idolizes corruption and thuggishness. Most people who are caught misbehaving are disgraced. But when blacks are caught misbehaving their popularity actually increases.

  6. Fred,

    Yeah, Black American culture does idolize thugs and crooks and the culture is only getting worse. I think there needs to be harsher punishments and a stronger shame culture, but Whites and even other Blacks, like Bill Cosby, have been hamstrung because of the ridiculously indulgent attitudes brought on by America’s shift to the left. So no one can even offer simple criticism towards Blacks without them throwing literal tantrums. Without any social structure or solid moral grounding, Blacks seem to gravitate towards power and flashiness as it’s the only thing that really excites their sense of awe.

  7. Yeah, even the semi-respectable NAACP made Tupac Shakur an Image Award winner shortly before his murder.

  8. What a joke. He’s “reformed” ? Please…give me a break. Just watch some of the video clips he’s done since his issues. He is STILL the person he was when he got arrested. He has to “play nice with others” now, so as to keep his multimillion dollar paycheck. He is NOT A HERO.

  9. Vick was given a key to DALLAS, not Houston. I’m embaressed to say I live here. It was Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway. He is a racist and corrupt as hell! He’s surrounded by DRAMA…

  10. this is disgusting and yet another example or our friggen PC conscious getting the best of people… VIck is a killer.. guess Charles Manson is next

  11. You guys are all wrong and need to realize that we are all the same! Vick already had paid for what he has done. He made a mistake. Vick hit rock bottom and now that he is on top,here come the Haters! Hate on cause your not doing anything but hurting yoursef. While your Hating I’m going to be in my tuxedo enjoying the Black tie event honoring M Vick

  12. Vick already had paid for what he has done. He made a mistake.

    We understand that, and he should be allowed to work as a citizen just like anyone else… but there’s no way he should be lauded as a hero by some black politicians in Dallas. In that regard this is typical black behavior – worshipping thugs and ballers, rather than productive, educated citizens.

    They should have picked a black man with a clean criminal record, at least… or a black man that actually resides under the same roof as his kids.

  13. “…..but there’s no way he should be lauded as a hero by some black politicians in Dallas. In that regard this is typical black behavior …..”

    Ok, I’ll sign-on to that. But I think the intention by the politico was a bit less misguided than what you suggest: unfortunately, since so many young NAMs are in some kind of trouble or have already set off on a misguided path, it’s of some value to point-out and laud those celebrated misguided NAMs who did make mistakes but who to some extent ‘turned things around'” and seem to have learned from their misguided ways; now, some have said that vick is still messing up behind-the-scenes; that may or may not be true, according to what you read and who you believe —- and as someone who worked in journalism that often involved celebrity, I assure you that is easy for me to believe —— but for the most part, the general as well as generally accepted narrative is that Vick has paid his debt for his crime and has both publicly and personally renounced his wrongdoing; e.g., there’s some sources that say that, re. his personal financial problems and debts, he bypassed filing bankruptcy, which would’ve been easier on him personally, and restructured his debt in that he’ll be responsible for paying back more but that his creditors will get much more than they would had he filed bankruptcy, etc. (i’m sure there’s some degree of varying truth-to-fiction re. this particular anecdote, but i think you see my point).
    So, I see the point and understand some of the eye-rolling at all this, but to some extent, in the proverbial ‘black community,” the ‘prodigal-son,’ redemption narrative has currency and I would even argue can be put to good use.

  14. It’s sad how your constricted thinking has led you to the conclusion of diminishing the rehabilitation of an individual. It doesn’t take a bible scholar to deduce that forgiveness is also in the bible. If we were to be held daily on the accounts of our past actions, then slave owning Benjamin Franklin should not be on America’s most prized possession. Then again, the enslavement of man is more difficult because they’re not dogs so maybe his reward is warranted. If past sins are perpetually punishable in the court of hate, then lets stop recognizing the greatness of those that signed on to “all men are created equal” while counting some as 3/5ths man.
    http://www.mitishamba.com for clarity.

  15. I don’t see how this is different from white American culture’s worship of land stealing brutes and slave owners aka the founding fathers.

    This phenomenon of worshiping men with “tinged” records is almost universal. We like to overlook the bad things of those that we like. Its just worst with blacks due to a sort of cultural degeneration that’s been taking place for the last few decades.

    Witness for example, the difference

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