When I first visited my son’s junior high, I was greeted by a huge banner hung from the top of the main hall reading, We Celebrate Diversity! At the time, I shook my head at the absurdity of such a meaningless proclamation. In a place meant for education, why wasn’t there a statement promoting the importance of knowledge? Is diversity so important that all students must be informed everyday as they enter the school that they need to celebrate it? What does the celebration even involve? A parade? Music? Ponies? Does anyone really know?

This is the America of today. Useless catchphrases have taken the place of informed reason to shape the very policies of our nation. Diversity is our strength. Race is a social construct. You go girl! Any questioning of these nuggets of pop wisdom is rebuked with scorn, ridicule and sometimes ostracization. Some thoughts are deemed too terrible to think and some words we must never speak lest we break the great taboo. Well, I say fuck the taboos. America hasn’t become a nation of half naked cannibals yet.

I was born in Thailand, but came to the United States as a young boy. I was taught to love America and respect the opportunities that this nation has given me. I learned the ropes of racial politics in the polarized South, where I straddled the line between White and Black. Too dark to be White. Too light to be Black. Both sides saw me as having a sympathetic ear to their side of the story and I learned quickly that unity in this country was an illusion. As the years progressed and my young mind grew, I began to see the weeds sprouting from the cracks in the foundation. Now, I’ve grown tired of the dilapidated and unkempt house that our country has become and stand ready to rebuild. But first those weeds have got to go!

Sagat is Thai and means to block, intercept or chisel away. I try to represent those meanings in the way I approach conventional wisdom. I block the nonsense, intercept the false assertions and chisel away at the preconceived notions. And I knee the weak in the kidneys just for the hell of it. 😛

Contact me at SagatCDB@gmail.com


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