Posting Rules + Tools

I encourage everyone to comment and I generally like to let others speak their mind, but there needs to be an understanding about the proper use of the comments section.

The comments section is meant for discussions. It is not a personal soapbox. It is not a place for constant denigration of others or for pushing forward your own personal agenda. When you make a comment, try to further the discussion in a way that will encourage interesting dialogue.

Sometimes, like real life discussions, the topic of the conversation may swerve and change course. That’s fine and I expect that. But, that doesn’t mean that you can jump in and try to force others to discuss what you prefer talking about. In other words, don’t attempt to derail the discussion.

The topics raised on this blog will likely offend some that stop by here. I appreciate dissenting voices and if you disagree with a topic or a comment then feel free to throw in your two cents. But if you make multiple repetitive comments that are especially stupid, antagonistic, or attention seeking, I will likely bring out the banhammer.

You can use basic html markups in your comments. A quick lesson for those that don’t know how to use html markups. Two of the most commonly used markups are italics and bold. To use these, simply bookend the content that you want italicized or bolded like this:
HTML itlalics markup
For bold, you would just replace the i with a b.

If you make mistakes in markups or in what you wrote, then make a note of it in the following comment and I’ll edit it for you. I sometimes may also take the liberty of fixing obvious spelling errors if I think it confuses what you meant to write.

And this blog also accepts emoticons. Little yellow faces spicing up life. What’s not to like? Here’s the codes to use for common ones:



4 thoughts on “Posting Rules + Tools

  1. i’m going to try my first italics word; wish me luck!

    hey, i’m going to the store ‘cuz i’m real….. hungry!

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